TWO plain-clothed Policia Nacional officers in Benidorm have arrested two women who robbed and assaulted a British man.

The attack happened in the early hours of the morning on a ‘prominent’ city road which the police did not disclose.

The two officers from a distance saw two women talking calmly to the British man.

Suddenly one of them snatched a mobile phone from his trouser pocket.

He grabbed one of the duo by her arm but he was thrown to the ground.

Rather than running away, the women- both Romanian nationals aged 32 and 43- violently assaulted him.

One of them kept punching the man while the other kicked him hard and managed to grab his wallet.

The police officers moved in and arrested the assailants.

No more information was supplied about the victim as to whether he was a tourist or local resident, or further details about the extent of his injuries.


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