A nine-month-old baby has died in Madrid after inhaling smoke from a fire that broke out last Thursday in a commercial property under the family apartment. The baby boy’s five-year-old brother, Darío, died on the day of the incident, also from smoke inhalation. 

The blaze broke out in the satelite city of Alcorcón after an explosion in the property at the bottom of the apartment block, which was being refurbished and was due to be turned into a restaurant.

The resulting flames caused dense smoke, trapping the young boys and their mother, Beatriz, in the corridors of the building. 

All three of the victims went into cardiac arrest, but the emergency services were able to resuscitate baby Álvaro and his mother. Darío was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The mother was hospitalised in a serious condition but has since been discharged. 

According to local media outlet Hoy, the family was from Cáceres province in Extremadura region, but was in Madrid for work reasons. Darío has already been laid to rest in the municipality of La Cumbre, as will his baby brother. 

Investigations by the National Police suggest that sparks from a circular saw set fire to building materials, causing the deadly blaze.

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