A DOG has died in Alcorcón after hurtling himself from a seventh-floor window petrified by the loud explosion of a firecracker.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, October 16, when a resident in Alcorcon, on venus street, decided to celebrated Real Madrid’s third goal against Barcelona in the most inappropriate way, by throwing a firecracker into the street,

The ear splitting bang sent the dog, a well-natured pitbull, into a spiral of confusion and panic, which ended with the dog making a fatal leap out of a window on the seventh-floor flat.

The local police of Alcorcón published the tragic incident on twitter:

“A neighbour celebrates a team goal by throwing a firecracker… Another neighbour sees how his dog panics and throws himself from a seventh-floor window.… The poor animal passed away.”

The local police and family have make a call to the halt of pyrotechnic use during celebrations or at Christmas.


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