POLICE are searching for the kidnapper of a day-old baby who turned up safe and sound on the doormat of a home close to the Bilbao hospital where he was born.

Family raised the alarm after a woman posing as a health-worker took away the newborn from his mother claiming she was going to do some tests on him.

The woman did not return and the Basque Ertzaintza police launched an intensive search for the missing baby.

Thanks to the public call for information, a Bilbao-resident contacted the police to say she found the child on the doormat of her eighth-storey home the morning after the kidnapping.

Santuchu is a ten-minute metro ride from the Basurto Hospital where the baby was snatched.

Doctors confirmed the baby – who still had the umbilical cord clamp on him – was unharmed by the ordeal.

Police said the suspected kidnapper is middle-aged, 1.6 metres tall, obese with long curly hair tied up in a bun/

She was last seen with the baby in her arms at 11pm on Wednesday.

Police believe it is not the first time she tried to take away a baby from a hospital.


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