One of the Dutchmen suspected of brutally killing a tourist in Mallorca last year could face up to ten years behind bars. 

The Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands (OM) this week demanded the prison sentence against one of the nine suspects involved in two brawls in July last year, one of which led to 27-year-old Carlo Huevelman’s death. 

The first brawl started inside nightclub De Zaak at the seaside resort of El Arenal on July 14 in 2021. 

Later in the night a second fight spilled out onto the street.

The trial started on October 3, with the suspects all telling the Dutch court they did not lay the blow that killed Huevelman. 

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Carlo Huevelman (pictured with his girlfriend) died four days after the bashing in a Mallorca hospital.

One of the suspects Kahn B, 19, told the court he arrived from another bar to help his friends who had got into an argument with Huevelman. 

Another suspect Hein B, 19, also claimed to have only played a role in the first brawl and told the judge it was the ‘stupidest mistake’ of his life. 

A third suspect, Daan Van S, 19, told the court he joined in on the second fight and kicked Huevelman twice after he had hit the ground. 

He then received a blow to the head and did not know what happened to Huevelam after that, the judge heard. 

Two other suspects told the court they punched Huevelman and kicked him with the inside of their feet ‘as if you were playing football’, but denied laying any fatal blows in the second fight. 

Huevelman died in hospital four days later from his injuries. 

The OM demanded a ten year prison sentence for 20-year-old Sanil B, and eight years for Mees T, 19, and Hein B, 18 – all three have been charged with manslaughter. 

The other suspects were facing charges of public violence.


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