A senior Policia Nacional officer in Valencia has been relieved of his command after making racist comments at a rally organised by the far-right Vox party.

Chief Inspector Ricardo Ferris was head of Valencia’s City’s Central District police station.

Policia Nacional bosses in Madrid agreed to replace him on the recommendation of the Valencian Community Police Headquarters.

A formal investigation has been launched along with a process to dismiss him from the force.

Ferris went to a Vox rally at Valencia’s Ateneo Mercantil on October 14 and his comments were recorded on a video.

At that gathering Ferris said that ‘for me, illegal immigration is equal to crime and for five years we no longer work with national criminals’.

The suspended police chief claimed that ‘practically all street crime is down illegal immigrants’ and ‘everyone in small boats confesses to being criminals and ex-prisoners’.

Interior Ministry crime figures from 2021 show that 32% of crimes were committed by non-Spaniards.

The Valencian Community’s government delegate, Pilar Bernabe, said: “The remarks are absolutely despicable, reprehensible and above all, they are false.”

“They do not reflect any real or objective data, and the only thing he is doing is attacking the dignity, prestige and good work of the Policia Nacional,” she added.


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