AT 3am on Sunday morning, the clocks in Spain will go back one hour, to 2am, as daylight saving time ends.

The change will also take place in other European Union countries, with the aim of taking advantage of the hours of daylight and reducing energy costs – something that will be more important than ever this year, given the ongoing energy crisis prompted by the war in Ukraine. 

There has been repeated debate in Spain over recent years as to whether the country should be on GMT rather than GMT+1 – i.e. an hour ahead of countries such as the United Kingdom and Portugal. There have also been calls for daylight saving time to be scrapped altogether

However, there have been no official moves either by the Spanish government nor the European Union to introduce changes, and for now the Official State Gazette (BOE) says that the clocks will continue to change twice a year in Spain at least until 2026.

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