29 Oct, 2022 @ 08:00
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Police will issue fines for minor offences instead of trying people at court to save police time in Gibraltar

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POLICE in Gibraltar will soon be able to fine people on the spot for minor antisocial behaviour under new powers provided by the local government Friday.

The smaller fines of £50 and £100 will do away with the need for court cases unless the person in question expressly asks for a trial.

Breaches of the peace, disorderly conduct, making off without payment, noise and alcohol related offences will all come under this change to the law.

Gibraltar’s Ministry of Justice will brief the police on how to decide when to impose the fines.

Government ministers believe this new regime will free up a lot of effort and time for the police and courts on the Rock.

“The law is based on the Fixed Penalty Notice scheme for road traffic offences,” the Ministry of Justice said.

It will mean people fined will not need to show guilt for an offence or have a criminal record when they get fined.

“I am pleased to publish a Bill today that will provide the Royal Gibraltar Police with another tool that will allow them to continue their policing work of more effectively managing their resources,” Minister of Justice Samantha Sacramento said.

“We are following the UK’s lead in allowing for a speedy and effective alternative option for dealing with a limited number of low-level nuisance offending in circumstances that may not warrant attendance at court, whilst still providing all the relevant safeguards to the victims of crime and offenders.

“This will free up Police and Court resources, that are being used on relatively minor offences which would most likely result in a low-level fine, and allow them to be focused on more serious matters.”


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