FUENGIROLA has a rich and varied history and in the vicinity of the Castillo de Sohail, the landmark Fuengirola Castle, remains of the Roman town of Seul have been discovered.

The lost Roman municipality of Suel was originally discovered in the seventeenth century and in 2019 a six-year project started, in the shadow of Fuengirola’s Sohail castle, to unearth the lost ancient town.

Supervised by Malaga university, the dig covering 1,600 square metres around Fuengirola castle aims to uncover Fuengirola’s lost Roman past.

The latest works carried out at the site of the Roman city of Suel have uncovered remains of an area of commercial and economic activity of the time, dated between the first and third centuries.

The recent remains found around Fuengirola castle are believed to belong to a building ‘of public character of notable relevance.’ as detailed by Ana Mula, Mayor of Fuengirola, on a recent visit to the archaeological site.

Both the area covered, as the quality of its construction and the materials used suggest that the remains found belong to a building of public character of considerable importance and the first evidence in the site of a public area,” Mula said.

“The new findings reveal that Fuengirola was one of the main commercial points of the Costa del Sol and evidence that the city was abode of the different civilizations that have dominated the Mediterranean throughout the last millennia,” the Mayor of Fuengirola added.


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