A thief who stole two suitcases from a car parked at a Guardamar hotel has been landed with a €12,000 bill for injuring two by-standers, two Guardia Civil officers, and damaging their vehicle.

The Guardia Civil union in Alicante(AUGC) took out a successful private prosecution against the criminal.

The AUGC however expressed their disappointment that the thief has had his four-year prison sentence suspended if he pays out the compensation and stays crime-free for three years.

The man, along with an unidentified accomplice, stole the suitcases from the car in August 2020, but two people tried to intercept them.

They drove off towards the N-332, dragging one of them along the road for a few metres.

A Torrevieja judge ordered him to pay a total of just under €5,000 in damages to the two witnesses.

A high-speed chase by the Guardia Civil towards Torrevieja ensued until they entered an industrial estate.

The thief turned his car round and rammed the Guardia patrol vehicle.

His accomplice ran off, but despite the serious injuries suffered by the Guardia officers, one of them was able to apprehend him.

Both officers needed several days to recover from their injuries.

One received €3,000 in compensation and his colleague got €1,650.

The thief’ also had to pay just under €3,000 to cover the expense of repairing the Guardia patrol car and was also ordered to reimburse all court costs.


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