THE Policia Nacional in Valencia has detained a 14-year-old boy for allegedly sending over 100 people in a group chat a video of another minor.

The videos, with an intimate nature, were sent to the teenager by a minor with whom he engaged in conversations via social media, with the option to only be viewed once, but the boy recorded them from his phone.

The events go back three months, when the girl met the 14-year-old via a social media app, having previously known him ‘from seeing him around’. They later began to exchange constant messages, which led to the accused beginning to solicit intimate videos, to which she agreed. The young girl sent them with the option which they can only be viewed once.

Days later, the girl was informed that the video had been sent to an instant message group chat containing 100 people. The content had been recorded from the boy’s phone, which explains why the girl wasn’t aware that he had done so.

In early October, the girl became aware that many people from her school had seen or heard of the videos. She then proceeded to inform the authorities and her head teacher of the incident.

Finally, the 14-year-old boy was detained for distributing intimate videos of a minor and was informed by a juvenile prosecutor that although he could go home, he must show up to court when required to do so.

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