AS TOURISM levels come roaring back after the pandemic, the ‘air bridge’ between Malaga and the United Kingdom has truly been re-established.

After the lows of 2020-2021, which ravaged economies and communities that depend on a steady influx of tourists to add to the bottom line, the economic recovery in Andalucia is apparent as holiday-hungry tourists come flocking back – especially the Brits.

The new figures were highlighted at the World Travel Market conference in London, Diario Sur report.

Flights from the United Kingdom even outnumber domestic flights from within Spain as sun-loving Brits flock to their second favourite holiday destination along the Spanish costa (after the Balearics).

Flights from the UK carrying travelling Brits come to make up 30% of total flights into Malaga airport, data from airport operator Aena confirms, as the UK remains the region’s most important market.

Even in the low season, from October to March, 90 flights will arrive from and depart to the UK every day, with 40 coming just from the British capital alone.

Malaga Airport

The UK manages to monopolise 39 of the total 192 routes flying into and from Malaga over the winter, and London, accounting for 20 of those, dominates its nearest rival Paris, with 12.

In this low season, more than 1,600,000 seats will arrive in Malaga from the UK on almost 8,500 flights, with London airports accounting for almost half of each respectively. 

This ultra-connectivity between the UK and Malaga sees more than 20 British airports flying south, and five from London.

Residents near the following airports have direct access to the southern Spanish coast: Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Guernsey, Leeds, Liverpool, Londres, Manchester, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Southampton and Southend.


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