AN Alicante Province man hid an illegal gun from the eyes police officers by stuffing it down his boxer shorts, but ended up in hospital after he shot his penis.

The wounded Novelda man, 22, had a criminal record for various crimes and spotted police officers waving down cars in the town.

In his haste to hide his weapon he discharged a point-blank shot into his penis.

Rather than seeking immediate medical attention, he eluded a patrol car and headed home.

As he continued to bleed out and suffer intense pain, his family took him to Elda Hospital.

A four-hour reconstructive surgery was performed on what was left of his penis.

Medics said he was ‘lucky’ because if the bullet had struck his lower abdomen, he would have bled to death in a matter of minutes.

As soon as he was wheeled out of the operating room, Guardia Civil officers arrested him.

The man had no firearms permit and the gun has yet to be found.


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