As we are getting ready to wave goodbye to 2022, it is the time of the year to start planning for what’s next. In this special article, we have discussed with Gibraltar-based media agency Purple Media what are best strategies to effectively reach local consumers on the Spanish costas and beyond.


Why is digital marketing strategy important?

A marketing plan serves as the roadmap for how you will promote your products and services for a particular period. Marketing using digital strategy can create more customers, so this is the most popular form of marketing nowadays. Technological development has reached us in this digital era, and things have become complex and easy. A digital marketing strategy is important for your business:

  • Informing and educating your customers.
  • Maintaining a successful presence.
  • Generating sales.
  • Creating awareness to expand market reach.

Can you tell business owners how to design a digital marketing strategy?

There is no one-size fits all, but there are 10 considerations for business owners to take into account  when working out a digital media strategy:

  1. Create awareness

Making your consumers aware of your products or services is a way to connect to them. Their first impression is very important for your company’s success. There are several ways for that.

First, a company’s digital marketing strategy includes strong media coverage. Suppose their products and services are worth talking about. Thus more bloggers or influencers will speak or write about them, and following this, the company can distribute more content to generate successful awareness. For creating relative and creative content, you need to take the help of creative content agencies or digital agencies.

  1. Know and understand your customers

An important digital marketing strategy suggests knowing the demographic preferences of the customers to target them, customers, more effectively. To know your customers, you can collect necessary information in many ways. Data analysis, call recording for business software, and customer feedback surveys are mostly used. Then, you should know their preferred channels for making your investments smarter

  1. Establish a proper brand

To get more and more customers, you need to create a good brand reputation. For that, some elements must be taken care of, such as Language, Logo, Design, Brand story, and values. These elements should blend in with your company’s motives. For this blend, team effort and strong management are necessary.

To maintain consistency, you must align your company’s thoughts, doings, and sayings. Being honest and straightforward is very important for running a business successfully. One of the important things about digital media marketing strategy is that you cannot pretend to be something you are not. This will damage the credibility of your company.

  1. Using email options

Email is a very effective medium for product marketing and digital strategy. Digital media marketing strategies offer a great deal of media assistance in which email is one of the most useful ones for increasing sales. But you cannot randomly send emails to any customers. You have to send emails using customer segmentations. This will be a more efficient way.

  1. Observing the success of contents

To succeed in formulating digital marketing strategies, you should strictly follow the process of web development marketing strategies. A proper web design marketing strategy will show how customers look at your products by measuring and tracking the contents systematically. If you can manage your content properly, a digital marketing digital strategy will increase your sales volume.

  1. Optimising your channels

A very integral part of digital media marketing strategy is SEO optimization. SEO optimization ranks your website. The higher the rank is, the more traffic your website will create. More traffic means more sales, eventually leading you toward greater sales volume. Your website must get the first position on the rank of any search engine. Because most of the visitors don’t even look at the second results page. SEO optimization is such a popular online business strategy because

  • It boosts the brand’s reputation.
  • Your customers’ satisfaction will be increased.
  • Also, local SEO will help gain more customers.
  1. Boosting social media engagement

Creating effective communication is one of the main motives of digital marketing strategy. People all over the country are hugely dependent on social media nowadays. Therefore, social media marketing is an important online marketing strategy.

  1. Using discounting method

57% of the customers purchase a new brand only after they offer a discount on their products or services.

Discounts can be offered on any special occasion to make your consumers feel happy and special. Here, you need to be as creative as possible to establish your company as unique to the customers. For example, you can add a time limit to the discount to generate speedy customer response and increase product demand. The same process also works for B2B companies.

  1. Using exit popus

Another digital marketing strategy is using ‘exit pop-ups, also known as exit-intent pop-ups. It works when a visitor clicks to exit the page. That’s when they try to hook them with attractive discounting offers. Thus, a common pop-up incentive is free shipping offers. Most companies offer free shipping to make their customers fix to buy specific items. According to statistical data, Almost 95% of customers buy products with free shipping. The delivery speed of your service/product also makes the customers go back to buy more of your products.

  1. Improving customer experience

Customer experience decides whether customers interact with the business or not. Successful customer engagement enhances customer experience and thus creates customer satisfaction.

Automated customer service or live chat is a very useful customer-engaging program. For example, if a customer asks a question about your offering products and services, you need to answer in a way that should generate a sale for that particular product. Having live chat options mean that 24/7 answer is available for visitors for any inquiry.

Positive customer feedback is another great way of improving customer experience. If new customers see positive reviews about your product, they will be more interested in the development and be satisfied with your company.


What about traditional channels?

Traditional media channels, such as Press (think, The Olive Press!), Radio, leafletting, out-of-home billboards ads are still very relevant when you are trying to reach a dedicated niche market. For business owners on the Spanish costas can effectively reach tourists to bring them to their shops, restaurants, or specific services with a well-placed signage in a high footfall area or placing ads in localised and relevant newspapers. Each business is different and that’s where getting the help from a media agency can help you planning effectively, especially when one has so much more things to think about when running a business!

Have you worked with many local businesses?

Yes, we have helped dozens of businesses in Spain, big and small. We see ourselves as an integral part of their team and share their goals. When they grow and succeed, so do we!

They range from small local shops to large online e-commerce companies.

What services do you offer that would benefit our readers?

We are a full-service media agency, at a fraction of the price thanks to our agile structure. With our native English, Spanish, French and Russian-speaking staff we can help everyone.

  • Social media management
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Design and creative artworks
  • Website creation and SEO

How can our readers get in touch with you?

Drop us a line on (+34)622779872, visit our website or email us at and we will be very happy to have a chat.

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