A WELL-KNOWN neonazi who claims there is a plan to “destroy the white race” and that Europe is going to be “invaded” by immigrants is facing a three-year jail term at a trial in Málaga’s Provincial Court. That’s the sentence that the public prosecutor wants for Spaniard Pedro Varela, a far-right activist who once served a month in prison for printing and selling Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf

Varela, 65, is facing charges of inciting hatred and discrimination at the trial, which began on Monday according to Spanish news agency EFE.

Varela, who already has prior convictions for justification of genocide, was sued by the Movement Against Intolerance in Málaga and Seville on the basis that he has committed offenses related to racism and homophobia at public events. 

According to the public prosecutor, Varela has made claims that the white race is superior and that multiculturalism weakens and damages peoples, and has called for “active resistance” to the phenomenon – despite knowing that the acts he was calling on his audience to commit are punishable offences under Spanish law. 

The case was brought against Varela after statements he made on two programmes broadcast via digital platforms, as well as a conference he gave in Málaga back in May 2017. 

“It took us eight centuries to throw out the Moors only for us to now open the doors to the Blacks,” he said at the time. “For the Blacks to live, we have to disappear,” was another of his comments. He also referred to African people as being from an inferior race.

In a separate case, the public prosecutor in Barcelona’s Provincial Court called in February for a 12-year sentence for Varela for Holocaust denial, among other offenses. The public prosecutor also wanted the bookshop Librería Europa to be closed down. The store, from which th copies of Mein Kampf were sold, was considered in the case to be an organisation that promoted and distributed content based on the “culture of supremacist hatred”, EFE reported at the time. 

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