A group of mainly self-employed truck drivers and small haulage companies have gone on indefinite strike in Spain.

The National Platform in Defence of Transport staged protests in Madrid and other major cities over the state of the economy.

Regional governments claimed the effects of the strike were minimal across the country, especially since Spain’s main trucking unions are not involved.

Transport Secretary, Raquel Sanchez said: “The strike impact has been low and I thank all truck drivers for working as normal.”

The National Platform criticised Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, for not doing enough to curb inflation, even though Spain has one of the lower rates in the European Union.

The trucking sector got a €1 billion package of help in the spring following 20 days of strike action which did cause some supply chain issues with fresh food.

National Platform leader, Manuel Hernandez, accused the government of not keeping to promises made a few months ago.

Speaking at the Madrid protest on Monday, Hernandez said he not want the strike ‘to last as long as it did’ earlier in the year and slammed the government for trying to ‘criminalise’ their protests.


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