The cost of the weekly food shop is ripping through the purses and wallets of the people of Malaga at a rate unseen for over two decades, the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) show.

A trip to the supermarket in the province of Malaga will now hit your bottom line by 17% more than it did a year ago as rampant inflation wracks the Spanish economy.

The stat is higher than the national average, at 15.8%, and puts Malagueños among the hardest stung by rising food prices.

Neighbouring Granada is one of only eight provinces that have suffered a steeper rise.

Sugar has seen a whopping 40% rise in price year-on-year in Andalucia, while eggs and fresh vegetables have risen 26%, oils 25% and milk 24%. Poultry, cereal, beef and potatoes have all risen by at least 19%.

And if you thought you can beat grocery inflation by eating out, think again: Restaurants and eateries are now 9.8% more expensive, whereas the national average rose by 7.1%.

On the flip side, as energy bills cause screams of anguish across Europe, the price of gas and electricity has dropped 6.9% in Malaga over the last year.


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