POLICE have successfully rescued a huge Griffon vulture which was spotted in Malaga last week.

Officers from the specialist nature conservation group of the Malaga local police (Grupona) have rescued a griffon vulture that was spotted last Monday November 7 in the vicinity of Cortijo Jurado, in the Campanillas area, by a police officer on duty.

The officer, on observing that the huge bird was clearly weak and unable to take flight, contacted his colleagues from Grupona.

By the time the specialists from the nature conservation group arrived, the bird had managed a short flight onto the roof of a nearby building, specifically in Bratislava Street, in the El Brillante neighbourhood.

With the aid of neighbours in the vicinity, the officers managed to access the roof.

The startled bird took flight once more, but in its weakened state, it was only able to fly a few metres and landed, with difficulty, on the boundary fence of a house in the same street.

There, with the help of a special net and protective gloves, the officer was able to calm and capture the vulture, who made an unsuccessful attempt to peck the officer’s hand.

Once rescued, the griffon vulture, noticeably weakened and tired, was placed in a carrier and transferred to the Centre for the Recovery of Threatened Species (CREA).

The bird was then assisted by a vet and will be later reintroduced, once fully recovered, back into its natural environment.


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