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Plane crash in Spain leaves three dead

The flight was travelling from Portugal to Dax in Southern France

Almost 40 vultures freed from captivity in Andalucia

At least 18 vultures are still alive and well

Birds eye view on the Costa del Sol

Downtown Duquesa a birdwatcher’s paradise as tourists spots over 3,000 from his rooftop terrace

Spain’s ‘killer drug’ use is leading to extinction of vultures, say animal rights groups

Spain's use anti-inflammatory diclofenac among livestock has led to the death of millions of vultures

Conservation centre opens in Sierra de las Nieves to nurture struggling vulture population

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hide Sierra de las Nieves’ aims to nurture vultures struggling to find food while also promoting environmentally-friendly tourism

Endangered bearded vulture born in Jaen’s Cazorla natural park

This endangered species of vulture is born with a beard

Call for livestock drug deadly to vultures to be outlawed in Spain

A pain-killing anti-inflamatory drug used on livestock is lethal to vultures that feed on contaminated carrion

Green and blue: The Genal valley explored

Heading off the beaten track, Tom Powell takes a diversion from the Ronda road to explore the luscious Genal valley and investigate its tiny blue celebrities

People-friendly vulture

Reports indicate the large bird is roaming and flying between La Duquesa and Martagina

‘Bone-breakers’ are back in Spain

The bearded vultures were once on the verge of extinction