A VULTURE with an apparent liking for built-up and residential areas rather than the wild – has been sighted several times recently on the Costa del Sol.

Reports indicate the large bird is roaming and flying between La Duquesa and Martagina, with several sightings reported in near the N-340 coastal road beween Marbella and Sotogrande.

Jenny Bristow, a resident of Aldea Hills in La Duquesa said she was surprised ¨to see a vision of a bird with a three-metre wing span¨ as she was leaving her urbanisation one night recently. “The vulture flew down the road, passed through a sidewalk full of people and landed in the middle of the roundabout,” said Ms.Bristow.

Hayley Garratt-Day, from La Duquesa, also alerted the Olive Press that the vulture ¨was right in front of the house.¨

Although vultures are neither dangerous or aggressive, they are an endangered species.

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