OFFICERS from Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s nature and wildlife protection branch, together with Policia Local from Coin have rescued 37 animals used for cruel animal fighting and kept in ‘deplorable conditions’ in the Fuensanta neighbourhood of Coin.

The alert was given after a tip-off to clandestine fights between animals taking place in the area and that the animals were kept in ‘very poor living conditions.’

Officers from the municipal police force, together with Guardia Civil raided the location where the animals were kept, built on urban public land, and found that most were kept in dirty, make-shift pens, or chained to the floor without any type of shelter for the cold or rain.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the dogs, the majority categorised as ‘dangerous dog breeds’, were released most mornings to roam the area without supervision or muzzles, posing an obvious risk to children and passers-by.

Additionally, none of the animals seized had the compulsory microchip identification, health registration and compulsory insurance in the case of potentially dangerous dogs.

Given the deplorable conditions and lack of identification and ownership, all the animals, including: ten American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, two adult American Bullies, two German Shepherds, a pair of chiguaguas dedicated to breeding, ten fighting cocks, with obvious signs of participation in fights, as well as a donkey with signs of animal abuse and numerous eroded wounds on its hooves, were rescued.

The Guardia Civil have opened an animal cruelty investigation meanwhile the animals have been transferred to an animal shelter centre for their recovery.


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