Police have arrested two people for allegedly punching a person in the face and then shooting them 12 times with a BB gun on a street in San Pedro de Alcantara. 

Policia Nacional on Thursday alleged the two men approached the victim as he was walking home in the company of his friends when the attack took place. 

The two men accused the victim over ‘some actions’, before one of the men then punched him in the face that caused a gash which required stitching. 

Policia Nacional
Policia Nacional have arrested two men after an attack in San Pedro.

Police alleged a friend of the attacker from just a few metres away fired a steel BB gun at the victim 12 times in the chest, arms and back. 

Agents from the Marbella Local Police Station arrested the first man who punched the victim ‘days after the attack’.

Police then alleged the other perpetrator hid after the incident to avoid arrest, but he was finally caught on November 5.  

Police said the motive behind the attack was still unknown.



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