A 47-year-old Spaniard assaulted a Policia Nacional officer in an Elche nightclub and threatened to shoot him dead.

He’s been charged with attempted murder, assault, the illegal possession of weapons and drug dealing.

A dawn police patrol spotted him behaving suspiciously in a street close to the Elche football stadium as he was potentially selling drugs to a client.

He ran off and was chased into a nightclub by one of the police officers.

The man pushed customers to the ground during the pursuit before trying to lock himself in the toilets, but the officer stopped him from closing the door.

A fight ensued with the policeman suffering multiple blows as the attacker produced a gun and pointed it at him.

The officer got out of the way of a potential shot and with the help of his colleague, he managed to restrain the man.

The two officers confirmed that the gun was loaded and found several packs of drugs on him in addition to €2,000 in cash.

The drug dealer was staying at an Elche hotel and a search of his room uncovered a second gun, plus silencers for both weapons and bullets hidden inside a sock.

Several mobile phones were seized along with cocaine and drug weighing and cutting equipment.

An Elche court immediately imprisoned the 47-year-old man.


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