THE Gibraltar Government has published a new law to keep electric scooters in check and stop them flouting basic road traffic rules.

The new law will govern all Public Light Electric Transporters, which includes the ever-popular scooters.

Many of these electric-powered scooters can reach quite high speeds and have even caused a few accidents in recent years.

Commuters travelling from Spain to work use them frequently.

Their simple and yet versatile design allows riders to fold them and pick them when they arrive at work, making them even more user-friendly.

But they can also fall foul to the law, as a recent police tweet showed.

“Just a reminder for E-Scooter users that you have to obey the rules of the road too,” the Royal Gibraltar Police tweeted.

“The three riders ignored traffic signs at their peril last night & were fined £300 each.

“E-Scooter riders must obey traffic signs, lights & are not allowed on the pavements.”

Minister for Transport Paul Balban published the Bill after a lengthy consultation on the subject in the public sphere.

“The use of these personal mobility devices is now widespread in many cities as they are seen as an alternative mode of transport,” Minister for Transport Paul Balban said.

“There is however a need to regulate how these devices are used on the road to ensue the safety of all road users and the Bill provides the legal structure to guide and hold to account those users that breach the regulations.”


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