WATER from a Malaga province countryside town is not fit for human consumption, its mayor said on Thursday.

Humilladero mayor Miguel Asencio said the levels of chlorine and nitrates has made him impose a ban on drinking or cooking with the tap water.

While the situation is being resolved, the town council will be distributing potable water to residents on tanker trucks, the council said in a statement.

Taps will continue to run as it can still be used for cleaning or watering plants.

The situation is common in the area, with nearby Fuente de Piedra most affected until it built a water treatment plant.

Residents of the area can pick up the drinking water from trucks on Mondays and Thursday.

The council asked them to bring their own gerry cans and receptacles to pick their water.

The problem is caused by the low level of wells or pollution of water reserves that supply the area.

Humilladero and other councils in the area have asked for a connection to the Iznajar reservoir to solve the problem.

The town near Antequera has about 2,300 residents and covers an area of nearly 35km2.


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