MALAGA City Council has placed in streets and squares of the city giant figures of the Three Wise Men.

Since yesterday, Thursday December 29, giant-sized allegorical figures of the Three Wise Men can be found at three points in the historic centre of Malaga for children and families to enjoy and visit a few days before the epiphany parade of the three kings.

The recreations of the Three Wise Men measure 5 metres in height and each have been installed on a 50-kilo platform.

The giant figures have plaster cast heads adorned with gold lamé fabric crowns lined with beads and are dressed in chenille fabrics with velvet capes.

The figure of Melchior can be found in Calle Compañia; Gaspar, in Calle Alcazabilla; and Balthazar in Plaza de Felix Saenz.

Additionally, 11 districts of the city have been installed with special post boxes for the little ones to deposit their letters to the Three Kings.

These special Royal Postboxes can be found in the following areas:

District 1 -Centre-, the special post box has been located in the Plaza de Enrique García Herrera.

District 2 -East-, in Calle Juan Sebastian Elcano with Pio Baroja at the entrance to Echevarria de El Palo.

District 3 -Ciudad Jardin- in Avenida Santiago Ramon y Cajal, 61, in the Sagrada Familia area.

District 4 -Bailén-Miraflores- on Avenida Señora de los Clarines, near the children’s park.

District 5 -Palma-Palmilla- at the Centro Ciudadano Valle-Inclan on Avenida La Palmilla.

District 6 -Cruz de Humilladero- the Royal Postbox is in the Plaza Cruz de Humilladero.

District 7 -Carretera de Cadiz- in the Plaza Mozart.

District 8 -Churriana- on the corner of the small square in Calle Torremolinos, opposite the churreria. District 9 -Campanillas- in the park in calle Tiziano, next to the children’s area.

District 10 -Puerto de la Torre- in the Virgen de las Cañas park.

District 11 -Teatinos-Universidad- in the vicinity of the District Council, in calle Diego Lopez de Zuñiga.


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