SPAIN’S postal service Correos is putting up prices for domestic mail on January 1.

The cost of sending a letter weighing up to 20 grams in Spain increases by four cents to €0.75.

Since 2015, basic domestic mail charges have sky-rocketed by 79%- well above the rate of inflation.

Postage costs to most European destinations including the United Kingdom have risen by 83% in the last seven years.

Sending mail to the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand has gone up by 110% in the same period.

Correos have said they’ll maintain their €1.65 charge for letters up to 20 grams over a large part of Europe.

Domestic registered mail and most parcel rates will be frozen in 2023.

Correos said the national price four cent price hike is down to ‘increased costs, as well as the maintenance of quality and efficiency in the provision of the service’.

The public company pointed out that it has the lowest postal rates in the European Union, with charges roughly two-thirds lower than the EU average.


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