A teacher who allegedly sexually assaulted two underage children threatened to harm one of their younger sisters if they reported it. 

And police warn there could be more victims as one child’s allegations led to the discovery of the second victim.

The man, who has now been arrested, was working at a school in Estepona and allegedly committed the atrocities between 2015 and 2018. 

National Police said the first child did not recount what had happened until two months ago ‘out of fear’. 

“The now-detainee threatened to hurt his little sister if he said anything,” a spokesperson said. 

The second victim who had not filed a formal complaint confirmed that they had also allegedly been sexually assaulted by the man after they were approached by police. 

Officers swooped on the man as he was leaving work at the school in Estepona.

Police also searched his house and seized a computer and mobile phones.

“Investigators do not rule out that there are new victims,” police said.

The man is now in prison by court order. 

If you or somebody you know may have been involved you can email anthony@theolivepress.es


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