A violent Dutch fugitive who escaped from a court-ordered mental institution in June 2021 has been arrested in a Murcia City shopping centre.

Sherwin W was on Europol’s list of most wanted refugees and was serving 66 months in prison in Nijmegen.

He also received psychiatric treatment following his 2019 conviction on two counts of extortion and an armed robbery where the victim died.

Sherwin W

Sherwin W, and another inmate convicted of the same crimes, made a hole in the wall of the medical centre and escaped with a car waiting for them outside.

Dutch authorities offered a reward of €10,000 for information related to the whereabouts of the 27-year-old fugitive, after his colleague was recaptured within a week.

A specialist Dutch police fugitive squad tracked Sherwin W down to Murcia City where he had several acquaintances living in municipalities close to the regional capital.

The Policia Nacional were alerted and spent five months with their Dutch counterparts in trying to locate him- exchanging information on a daily basis.

The net tightened with a report that the man was in a Murcia shopping centre with officers rushed to the scene to block off all exits with eight of them handling the arrest.

The Public Prosecutors Office in the Netherlands has filed an extradition request to the National Court in Madrid which is currently holding Sherwin W in custody.

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