MILLIONS of women will gather today across the world to strike, protest and party to mark International Women’s Day, with Malaga also set to stage various demonstrations and rallies to call for greater equality between men and women.

Unions and feminist platforms have called for various protest events to take place throughout today in the city centre, the first year without restrictions after three years of the pandemic.

Under the slogan ‘Women’s rights are human rights. Enough of macho violence’ the collective Coordinadora 8M Malaga will bring together the entire feminist movement in the city, associations and trade unions, for a demonstration at 19.30 in the Plaza de la Marina.

The Students’ Union and Libres y Combativas (free and combative, socialist feminist platform of SE and Izquierda Revolucionaria – CWI in the Spanish state) have also called on all students to empty the classrooms and strike against sexism in classrooms and sexist violence.

The strike will take place at 12 noon in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Institutional events

Malaga City Council is joining International Women’s Day with the slogan ‘Por ti primero’ (For you first). A campaign that aims to highlight the gender inequalities that continue to exist in today’s society.

An initiative that will be present in various activities including the upcoming Malaga Film Festival, which, in collaboration with the Department of Equality, will once again aim to affirm the rights of women within the cinematographic world, making work created by women visible and valued.


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