A brave expat saved the life of an elderly man from a burning apartment building in the Costa del Sol today.

Brit Thomas Barnes heroically risked his life to enter the burning building in Fuengirola at midday today and pull out one occupant of the house.

But he was unable to rescue a woman in her seventies who also lived in the apartment, who tragically perished in the fire.

Video shows Thomas inside the first floor of the building talking to people in the street as smoke pours out around him.

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Hero Brit Thomas Barnes risked his life to rescue an elderly man from an apartment fire in Fuengirola today. Credit: Anthony Barnes

“Thomas saved the life of an old man who didn’t know what was happening,” Anthony Barnes, who owns a jewellery store in the same block, told the Olive Press.

Anthony, who is Thomas’ father, was on the scene and said he told MMA fighter Thomas to go into the building and save people.

“The old fella was just sitting there in the smoke. He must’ve been in shock,” Anthony continued.

“My son brought the old man out and went back in for the woman in the bedroom but he couldn’t get through.

“Black smoke was billowing down the corridor, dangerous jet black smoke.

“Two times he went in there to bring her out, shouting and calling for her.”

The flames, which occurred on Calle Colon, were quickly put out once the emergency services arrived.

Two other men, aged 45 and 52, were taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Fuengirola town hall announced that tomorrow theatre activities in the area of Igualdad, the Exaltation of Mantilla and concerts in retirement homes will be suspended during a day of mourning tomorrow

Fuengirola town hall announced that tomorrow will be a day of mourning to mark the tragedy, beginning at 2pm, and would cancel theatre and concerts in response.


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