A Mallorca cop has been sent down for almost ten years for paying two underage boys for sex and filming some of the encounters.

The 54-year-old pleaded guilty on Wednesday in a Palma court after paying the two victims €10,000 each in compensation for his abuse.

The first victim was found in September 2020 over Romeo, a dating app for gays, trans and bisexuals.

The pair chatted over the app for four months until the 15-year-old finally agreed to meet for a sexual encounter at Inca station on the promise that he would receive an iPhone. 

However afterwards, the Guardia Civil officer did not fulfil his end of the bargain.

On a follow up tryst, the officer picked up the minor in a black Mazda car and drove him to the Puig de Santa Magdalena, where he had sex with him, this time in exchange for €80.

The accused told his victim that if he still wanted the phone, they would have to agree to further meetups, but the minor refused. 

The officer finally gave him the mobile phone in January 2021, and they did not see each other after that.  

Meanwhile, the officer had been carrying out a second relationship with a 17-year-old youth from June 2020 to April 2021.

The man knew that the victim suffered from dyslexia, ADHD, and mental disability, according to the prosecution.

During their two encounters, the officer took photos and videos of the youth, according to the prosecution.

The first youth reported his encounters to a youth centre where he was admitted, and the officer was arrested in April 2021.

He was released by an Inca court on the order to reappear every 15 days.

His passport was confiscated and he was banned from leaving Spain.

During a search of his home, located in a Guardia Civil barracks, three hard drives and a mobile phone containing 49,200 graphic image files were discovered.


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