THREE-QUARTERS of Spain is affected by water shortages according to reports from water management company Aqualia. 

Spain has been struggling with ongoing droughts since 2017 and last week Aemet declared the country to have officially entered a long-term drought period- due to a lack of rainfall and increasing average temperatures.

Last autumn, the country experienced 27% less rainfall than the average for that season. 

According to the Ministry for Ecological Transition reservoirs for consumptive use, where water is used for drinking and agriculture, are at 43.6% capacity – lower than the average capacity of the last decade.

In many parts of the country restrictions have been put on water usage and consumption including the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona. 

On World Water Day, March 22, the UN has called for ‘governments to work up to four times faster’ in making changes to water management and consumption. 

The sixth UN Sustainable Development Goal establishes universal access to drinking water and sanitation.

Currently 60% of the global population lives in areas with water scarcity. 


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