A Mallorcan student who began a sexist chant at a top college has had his case shelved by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office which found that his actions did not constitute a hate crime.

The Provincial Office labelled the misogynistic chorus as “disrespectful and insulting to women” and “an attack on their individual or collective dignity”, although not criminally punishable. 

In October of 2022 the Elias Ahuja College, which is connected to Madrid’s Complutense University, came under public and media scrutiny. This followed a viral video showing male students hurling macho remarks at a neighbouring girls’ dormitory. 

It was a male Mallorcan student who began the sexist chant from his window “whores, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you’re all f*cking nymphomaniacs, I promise you that you are all going to f*ck in the bullring!” before other students opened their blinds and began jeering and cheering. 

The student was subsequently suspended and then expelled by the college and had his scholarship revoked. However, it was later decided that the pupil should be readmitted into the school to give him a second chance after he branded the chant as a joke. 

At the time there was heavy criticism of the behaviour including from Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain and the government demanded an investigation into a potential hate crime.


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