TWO British men have been arrested by Valencia’s Policia Local for sexually assaulting a British woman inside a popular beach area nightclub in the city on Saturday.

Several customers and a waitress alerted security guards at around 9.30pm that the two Brits- both reportedly in their 40s- were behaving inappropriately towards the victim in a corner of the premises.

The British woman, 20, was in a semi-conscious state with one of the men kissing her while his friend groped her.

When police officers arrived, the waitress told them that the victim could barely stand up but still managed to try to resist the advances of the British duo.

The woman was taken to the Valencia’s Clinical Hospital and given specialist police support.

She told an officer that she remembered being with the men and that she felt very uncomfortable when they groped her and tried to get away from them without success.

The victim confirmed that she wanted to file a complaint against the Brits and was examined by a doctor.

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