A MAN quite justifiably dubbed ‘the Incredible Hulk’ has been terrorising the residents, police and even supermarkets of Mallorca during a years-long reign of terror.

Weighing in at 130 kilograms (287 lb) and a towering two metres (6ft 6), he has a penchant for going on violent, unstoppable rages.

This hulk also has a taste for robbery and shoplifting, and has numerous charges and court cases outstanding.

His roll call of crime includes smashing up a supermarket that fired him, forcing police to close an entire motorway, smashing his way out of a psychiatry ward, fighting gangs of hooligans, numerous incidents of shoplifting and a series of assaults on security guards and members of the public, with at least one person in a coma.

His feats of strength include punching through a supermarket window, ripping supermarket shelves off the wall, kicking a hospital door off its hinges and even lifting eight police officers off the ground.

The giant’s latest offence, coming last week, was to steal €40 worth of Parma ham from a supermarket on Calle General Riera – a recurring kleptomaniac habit.

It took twelve police officers to arrest him.

“I cannot understand how this man is still free,” one victim, Juan Jose Martinez, 22, told Ultima Hora.

Martinez suffered a fractured skull, internal bleeding and memory loss from being picked up by the neck and thrown to the ground last August. 

“He will kill someone one day, and then we will regret it.” 


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