POLICE in Murcia have arrested a 20-year-old man who fatally shot a Barcelona shooting range instructor and then forced two women to drive him 600 kilometres to Murcia.

The man was carrying two firearms and a knife when the Policia Nacional detained him on Sunday after he released his hostages, who then called the police.

Officers managed to restrain him after he threatened him with his weapons.

Roger L.S. is accused of killing the instructor, who also managed the shooting club in Canovelles, on Saturday.

He is said to have asked for a change of weapons and then unloaded five bullets into his back.

Another club member was also said to have been targeted.

After the shooting, Roger L.S. waved down a passing car at gunpoint with two passengers inside and forced them to take him to Murcia.

The end of the long journey saw him dropped off at Murcia del Carmen railway station where he planned to continue his escape by train.

The man was keen to join the army and took some entrance exams in 2022 before dropping out of the process.

He only recently joined the shooting club at Canovelles.

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