MIA, the abandoned cat who was horribly scalded with boiling oil in an appalling case of animal cruelty, is doing well and has a new expectant owner lined up.

As the Olive Press reported last issue, a Good Samaritan brought the poor moggy to Cat Protection Pollensa after finding her in the street.

Volunteers at the cat shelter were horrified when vets told them that it seemed the friendly feline had been deliberately attacked.

Mia the burnt cat
Mia was found three weeks ago by a stranger in the street covered in awful burns over the front half of her body
Mia the burnt cat
She was put onto morphine for the pain and had her wounds bandaged and cleaned
Mia the burnt cat
She is now doing better and eating well and will hopefully be re-homed soon

Mia is having her bandages and dressings changed every two weeks and is on the mend.

“She is being amazing,” volunteer Toni Beech told the Olive Press.

“Just really chilled and loving still. She’s eating and drinking great.”

Once she’s ready, Mia will go to a loving new home after a woman was chosen to adopt her.

There is still no word on catching her attacker, however.


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