A 35-year-old Moroccan was arrested after allegedly throwing his bike at the owner of an internet cafe in Palma’s Pere Garau neighbourhood around 8pm on Sunday. 

It is believed the accused became enraged after he was refused a refund for a pair of earphones he had bought a few minutes earlier. 

The alleged attacker had told the shopkeeper that the purchased device was not working and wanted his money back. 

But the cafe owner refused as ‘the packaging was open’.

This refusal is believed to have infuriated the customer, who grabbed his bicycle and hurled it at the shopkeepr. 

The bicycle struck and shattered a glass screen in front of the till, with shards flying and cutting the hand and forehead of the owner. 

He is then alleged to have smashed a display cabinet by also throwing the bike at it. 

The accused is believed to have fled the scene but was found and arrested shortly after.  

When agents identified him, he was found to have an arrest warrant outstanding for drug trafficking offences in Madrid.

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