A COURT tried a local man who allegedly fought another in Gibraltar with a potato peeler this week.

Prosecutors charged Callum Gilfillan, 20, with affray, carrying an offensive weapon, and possession of a Class A drug.

Local TV station GBC revealed the offensive weapon was in fact a potato peeler.

Prosecutors charged the other man in the fight, Kian Dobinson, 19, with affray.

The alleged fight occurred in Engineer Lane on Tuesday night.

On arrival at the scene, police reported they found cocaine in Gilfillan’s possession.

They then took the pair to St Bernard’s Hospital to treat them for their injuries before charging them at New Mole Police Station.

Gilfillan pleaded guilty to the charges but Dobinson denied he was guilty of affray at the Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.

Affray is a public order defence under UK and Gibraltar law.

It describes fighting in a public place to the terror of ordinary people.

The offence has been used by UK prosecutors to charge people who fight on flights while drunk.


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