Hotels in Andalucia welcomed a total of 3,508,896 travellers during this year’s first quarter, according to the Junta. 

This is a 23,9% increase compared to the 2022 first quarter. 

These tourists stayed for over 8 million nights in the region, a 24,8% rise in the number of hotel stays in relation to the same period last year. 

These numbers placed Andalucia as the region in Spain receiving the second highest number of visitors, only surpassed by Canarias.

A total of 1,42 million of them were international travellers that stayed for a total of 3,9 million nights, a 43,9% increase compared to the first three months of 2022. 

Brits have been identified as one of the largest groups of foreign visitors. 

Malaga has experienced the second largest growth in the number of hotel stays in the autonomous community, only exceeded by Sevilla. 

These numbers led to the creation of 25,888 temporary jobs in Andalucia’s hotel industry. 

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