PALMA police are set to crackdown on drunken tourists and other anti-social behaviour next week as the summer season heats up.

The long arm of the law will target such escapades as street drinking, pub crawls, illegal massages, street vending and noise pollution.

Penalties will range from €100 for minor offences to €3,000 for the worst ones.

A local campaign has also been launched to warn people of the dangers of excessive tourism.

It targets shopkeepers in key areas and reminds them of the ‘Law of Excesses’ rule which can see them hit with up to a €600,000 fine if they supply booze to those already hammered.

Patrolling police will also be on the lookout for impromptu street beer drinking parties (botellon) and unauthorised gatherings which turn into raucous street parties.

Police are especially keen to crack down on boozing on Paseo Marítimo, in the city centre, and along the Playa de Palma.

Pushy flyerers dragging punters into bars and rowdy biergartens are also in their sights.

The operation commences on Monday and will continue until October 15.

The local government has been vocal about reigning in Mallorca’s tourism industry, reducing numbers and cutting out budget travellers.


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