THE Sevilla Fair has closed with record figures that exceed €930 million in impact.

Sevilla has closed its Feria with an initial balance that speaks of record figures in terms of attendance, consumption, public transport, carriages and hotel occupation.

The initial balance in terms of public influx cites 2.2 million people counted, with the real numbers estimated to be much higher as this count only took place at the main entrance way to the fair.

In regards to public transport, both urban buses and the metro saw a 10% increase in users compared to previous years.

Spending in La Real was also up by 40% and hotel occupancy exceeded 92%.

The initial estimates on the total economic impact exceeds €930 million for the first time ever.

The mayor of Sevilla, Antonio Muñoz, has conveyed this Sunday his gratitude to all the public services of the City Council, the Junta de Andalucía and the Government of Spain coordinated by the Cecop for their work during the Fair, which has allowed it to be settled without any noteworthy incidents and a large influx of public.


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