SIX INDIAN NATIONALS have been arrested after a street fight between employees from two Indian fruit minimarkets in Can Pastilla (Palma). 

A total of 15 employees of the two shops clashed in a fight using knives, sticks and an iron bar on the early morning of Tuesday. 

Members of the public believe the brawl started after a fruit minimarket opened next to another establishment that sells the same products.

Police were alerted of the incident and arrived at the scene, separating both groups. 

Agents reportedly saw that a number of the workers involved had bruises, bleeding wounds and torn clothing. 

Those injured were taken to a number of medical centres in Palma. 

According to witnesses, one of the shops had opened right in front of the other one that same day.

An employee of one of the minimarkets stated that they had received threats from their ‘rivals’.  

While workers from the other shop argued that one of them had been attacked and they defended him. 

The six arrested are Indian nationals between 23 and 48 years of age. 

Officers seized a large knife, a cutter, two wood sticks and an iron bar. 

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