A TWO-YEAR Policia Nacional investigation has culminated in the arrest of five people who distributing child pornography from their homes in Alicante.

Two of the men have been jailed included the two ring leaders who also acted as drug dealers.

The police probe started in the Madrid area in 2021 when a man complained that he had been sent several sex videos featuring minors from a person via an online app.

Police cybercrime experts tracked the 33-year-old sender down to Alicante and he was arrested at his house.

His mobile phone had a large number of child pornography videos which he distributed through various private channels and group chats both nationally and internationally.

Drugs including speed, cocaine, ecstasy pills, erectile dysfuncion pills, and a substantial number of popper bottles were also found at his home.

Seized Drugs And Cash

A second man was subsequently arrested in Alicante who had computer equipment with a prolific set of child porn files on them.

He also had a big stash of narcotics which- like his detained colleague- he sold at nightlife venues to use at private parties, with police also seizing €14,600 in cash.

Two further arrests were made in Alicante and one in Pedreguer.

All five men have been charged with corrupting minors and two additionally with drug trafficking.


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