A 21-YEAR-OLD Maghrebian woman has reported that she was raped by three men in a flat in Tetuan (Madrid) last Saturday May 6. 

The victim has told the police that she went with some friends and her sister to a flat party to which they were invited by a male friend of theirs.  

A number of boys they had met at a club that night were also at the flat, located in Jaen Street. 

The victim admitted that she took a drug they offered her. She was told it was ‘pink cocaine’. 

She reportedly started to lose consciousness after taking the substance, waking up a few hours later with ‘three penises on her face’. 

The woman told the officers that she then started screaming for help, the moment in which a female friend of hers that was in a room nearby ran to check what was happening. 

Photo Of Building Where The Alleged Rape Of 21 Year Old Took Place In Tetuan Madrid
The alleged rape took place in a flat within this building at Jaen Street. Photo by Google Maps.

She allegedly entered the room and saw how three men were raping her.

The victim’s friend and sister are then said to have helped her get dressed, leaving the flat together right away. 

They stayed still near the building until they saw a police patrol and told them what allegedly happened. 

Agents went to the flat to arrest the three accused but they only found a household assistant who was at the property on her own. 

Police are currently looking for the three alleged aggressors. 

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