A DEAD sperm whale was discovered washed ashore on Mallorca’s north coast between Estellencs and Banyalbufar on Monday.

A person sighted the female specimen and called emergency services who in turn informed the Palma Aquarium and Shark Med organisations.

A team went to the site to take measurements, some samples and photos.

“It is normally done in these situations, to improve knowledge of the species and health,” said Palma Aquarium.

It confirmed it was a female sperm whale calf that suckle from their mothers for up to three years can weigh up to 1,000 kilos.

The sperm whale lives in the Mediterranean sea, especially in the western part, and in the Balearic Islands where there are stable groups.

The latest estimate made by conservation groups suggests a colony of around 300 sperm whales near the coast of the Balearics.

Palma Aquarium has reminded people that if they find a dead or alive and endangered cetacean, it is vital to call 112, so that ‘we can proceed to the site as soon as possible’.

In addition, they recommend not touching any of the animals since cetaceans, being mammals like humans, tend to transmit diseases and infections more easily.

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