THE Government is inviting people from Gibraltar to take part in a ride along its new cycle lane that will go from the southern airport barrier all the way to the other end of Bayside Road.

The new two-way bicycle path will open on June 3 at 4pm, just after World Bicycle Day last Friday.

Minister for Transport Paul Balban invited the public to attend the inaugural ride on June 3 that will go from the Small Boats Marina to Eastern Beach at 10am.

It will replace what was a tricky entrance and exit from Gibraltar for cyclists commuting in and out of the city daily.

Balban celebrated that ‘Gibraltar has a new segregated bicycle lane’ in a post on Twitter.

The new lane, clad in cycle-friendly blue, will be open for all cyclists and scooters from Saturday.

A barrier of metal poles will separate it from the one-way Bayside Road, with mopeds and motorbikes facing a £300 fine if they use the cycle lane.

“All road users are requested to take care and be cautious as we become familiar with this new type of infrastructure,” the government said in a statement.

The cycle lane is part of phase 1 of the Active Travel Strategy that follows on from the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan.

The Ministry of Transport will add new plants along the new cycle lane in coming weeks.

Workers also improved pavements where possible, taking into consideration the possibility of new buildings earmarked for the area.

A bicycle counter will get useful data to understand how popular the new path is working out to be.

Minister Balban, who has received a fair amount of unfair flak for promoting cycling, called it ‘a transport milestone for Gibraltar’.

“Bicycle lanes have been in the planning for a very long time and it gives me great pleasure to be able to see this project coming to fruition,” he said.

“As of today, cyclists will have a safe and segregated stretch of cycle lane that will continue to grow over time as we extend it further.

“This is your cycle lane, enjoy it sensibly.”

He added this was ‘just a preview’ of his plans and he said looked forward ‘to seeing the network grow over time’.


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