THE Olive Press visited the bustling Corpus fiesta in the ‘recinta ferial’ at Almanjáyar, Granada. The event started on the night of Saturday 3 June and finishes on Sunday 11th, after a week of solid celebration, enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors alike.

‘Showing out’ in flamenco finery is definitely the look, with attendees wearing an array of colourful outfits, and with pretty flowers adoring the ladies’ hair.

In contrast to last weekend, the guests basked in high temperatures, with many people preferring the shade in the various ‘casetas’ (party tents). Horses and carts paraded around the fairground, with the ‘jinetes’ (riders) cooling down with beers from the bars.

If you’re planning to enjoy the ultimate day of Corpus, or any other daytime fiestas in Granada, remember the sunhat!


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