A CAIMAN was discovered casually swimming in an irrigation pond in the province of Toledo, near Madrid. 

Guardia Civil alerted a zoo and a safari park nearby to the sighting of a 95 cm long reptile. 

An herpetologist attended the scene and jumped into the pond with the intention of capturing the animal with a hunting net. 

Caiman Photo 2 By Safari Madrid
The caiman causally swimming in the irrigation pond. Photo by Safari Madrid

But every time the expert approached it, the reptile would dive and swim away from him.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the specialists changed the strategy and used hooks to hold it. 

Although the herpetologist managed to grab the caiman, he got bitten on his left hand. 

After curing the expert’s wounds, safari workers examined the reptile, which was in optimal health. 

The animal has been taken to Safari Madrid, where it will live with other caiman specimens. 

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